Source code for factory.faker

# Copyright: See the LICENSE file.

"""Additional declarations for "faker" attributes.


    class MyFactory(factory.Factory):
        class Meta:
            model = MyProfile

        first_name = factory.Faker('name')

import contextlib

import faker
import faker.config

from . import declarations

[docs]class Faker(declarations.BaseDeclaration): """Wrapper for 'faker' values. Args: provider (str): the name of the Faker field locale (str): the locale to use for the faker All other kwargs will be passed to the underlying provider (e.g ``factory.Faker('ean', length=10)`` calls ``faker.Faker.ean(length=10)``) Usage: >>> foo = factory.Faker('name') """ def __init__(self, provider, **kwargs): locale = kwargs.pop('locale', None) self.provider = provider super().__init__( locale=locale, **kwargs) def evaluate(self, instance, step, extra): locale = extra.pop('locale') subfaker = self._get_faker(locale) return subfaker.format(self.provider, **extra) _FAKER_REGISTRY = {} _DEFAULT_LOCALE = faker.config.DEFAULT_LOCALE
[docs] @classmethod @contextlib.contextmanager def override_default_locale(cls, locale): old_locale = cls._DEFAULT_LOCALE cls._DEFAULT_LOCALE = locale try: yield finally: cls._DEFAULT_LOCALE = old_locale
@classmethod def _get_faker(cls, locale=None): if locale is None: locale = cls._DEFAULT_LOCALE if locale not in cls._FAKER_REGISTRY: subfaker = faker.Faker(locale=locale) cls._FAKER_REGISTRY[locale] = subfaker return cls._FAKER_REGISTRY[locale]
[docs] @classmethod def add_provider(cls, provider, locale=None): """Add a new Faker provider for the specified locale""" cls._get_faker(locale).add_provider(provider)